Ray Velez – Self Portrait webRay Velez – Self Portrait web

I’m an Australian Digital Art Director living in the Philippines with my wife and our cat Tuni /Toon-e/.

I do Digital Design for Australian advertising agencyies, Start-Ups and small to medium businesses. 

Education: I studied Visual Arts majoring in printmaking (lithography) and quickly adapted Macromedia Flash into my visual arts work to make my lithographs interactive. For my major work I projected flash animations on lithographs. Entranced by both animation and computer interaction I studied Interactive Multimedia for 1 year to learn the principles of Interaction.

Work history: I’ve worked as a Digital Designer and Art Director for an online casino. I've been a Digital Art Director at Clemenger BBDO / Proximity, Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi. Simultaneously graduated AWARD School, Sydney to elevate my craft of idea making for advertising.

I found some solace in ‘data’ believe it or not often asking the question – How do great creative campaigns exist outside of the creative industry?  I found answers to this as I was the Creative Director for Acxiom, Australia focussing on data driven marketing campaigns.

Motivation: I continue to explore and experiment on my own personal projects where I share my processes and methods of working. You can check these out on my Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rayanthonyvelez/. I explore experimenting with tactile objects, photographs, printing and mixed media to creatively find ways to tell a story.

Remote:  Intrigued by ‘remote working’, the perfect opportunity came as I became the Associate Creative Director for Bullseye Digital, Bali office (now part of the Ogilvy family). We pitched online marketing campaigns and built high featured websites for world class brands based in Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia. I managed a creative team and improved the quality of work whilst collaborating with our HQ in Sydney.

Today I love working with Creative Directors, Art Directors and Designers that are passionate about the evolving digital landscape. Check out my portfolio to view some work samples.

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